The Oqood portal offers a comprehensive set of services developed exclusively for developers to manage their off-plan projects and initial sales contracts registration instead of registering procedures directly in Dubai Land Department (DLD).

The Oqood portal automates, regulates and monitors off-plan properties market by operating under a set of rules and regulations set by real estate authorities, creating a trusted and transparent environment to guarantee the rights of investors and home buyers in the market.

The portal is built on the best of the real estate market practices, methodologies and technologies. Its robust design offers the capability of integration with the central core system of DLD to build a dynamic and comprehensive registration process for off-plan properties.

Developers are authorized to submit their procedure requests for the properties they own whether they are under progress or already completed. They will search for a property, enter request details and submit it to DLD through the Oqood portal. Submitted requests should be followed with the original copies of the required documents. Once the counter employee at DLD receives the complete set of documents, the procedure request will be ready to be executed in the registration section of DLD. Requests will be then audited according to the set of rules and regulations applied in DLD. All procedure parties will be notified by SMS whether the request has been approved or rejected to ensure the transparency between all evolved parties.

Source: Oqood Offical Website